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Who are we?

Legend has it that the reuse of metal strapping used for bales of cotton for the mills in the Vosges, is the origin of Darney cutlery company.

But it was only in 1895 that the production of wrought iron and tin-plated steel cutlery was resolutely reoriented towards smithing stainless steel and nickel based cutlery. Once covered in silver, it became the symbol of elegance and sophistication essential for any stylish table.

Over time, the collections of Chambly and Deetjen, Alsacien smiths, came to be added to the cutlery of the company.

Today, the company continues the tradition with an unrivaled choice of models, direct from the factory, offering flatware made of sterling silver, nickel silver and stainless steel, 100% french produced still made as our ancestors knew how to do it.

Fabrique de couverts, 7 rue des Rochottes, 88260 DARNEY, tél. : 03 29 09 30 02, fax : 03 29 09 34 14